Iraqi children face poverty, violence, exploitation

Ongoing conflict in Iraq has left a total of 11 million people, including 5.1 million children, in need of humanitarian assistance. Children make up almost half of the 3 million Iraqis displaced by the conflict. Many of Iraq’s camps are operating beyond capacity, and families live in overcrowded conditions. Children are in danger of separation from their families, abduction, recruitment into the fighting, and sexual violence. Living amidst armed conflict – including exposure to mines and improvised explosive devices – puts them at risk of death and injury, and threatens their long-term mental health and future development.
Meanwhile, damaged and overstretched water and sanitation infrastructure and weakened health systems put children’s health and survival in jeopardy. At least 70 per cent of displaced children have missed a whole year of school. UNICEF has been working with partners to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of children and families – providing access to safe water and sanitation, education, protection, health and nutrition services. UNICEF also operates Child-Friendly Spaces, where children can find respite through play, learning and psychosocial support, to help them cope with the ordeals they’ve been through.








Justin Trudeau took his little son to work

Looks like it was – bring your kids to work day at the Canadian Parliament as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau brought his youngest one to work on Wednesday. 3-year-old Hadrien accompanied his daddy and internet’s favourite Justin Trudeau to his office and spent a day knowing all about his father’s job. From playing hide-and-seek inside his father’s office to sitting in his chair, Hadrien Trudeau did it all. He even addressed the press, with so much poise. The photos are just aww-some.